Thursday, 25 May 2017

Diary : A Life Within

"A Journal for Creative Woman who uses the Diary to Write Her Dreams and escapes to a Different Place." 

So, Here I am back again in blog sphere. The last time when I wrote for a contest was MatrikaS  Scribble You Heart Away Campaign Part 1 and yet again it is MatrikaS that brought me back here.  A mere thought of holding and possessing those elegant diaries was so tempting that I couldn't resist. The Vivekananad Journal which I received the last time is now accompanying me as my personal diary.  Diary is the place from where I started writing and since I stopped blogging, diaries are my only companion for writing. Last time I show cased all my Old Diaries in my blog post for Scribble Your Heart Away Contest Part 1.

The beautiful Feather journal I received this time from MatrikaS, is an excellent symbol of womanhood and feminism. This journal is a part of their new special collection called, "The Creative Woman's Journal". This collection contains four types of exterior cover designs namely, Butterfly( Hot Pink color cover), Dragon Fly( Chocolate Brown), Feather (Red Hot) and Fish (Royal Blue). Each one represents a unique shade of Creativity and Energy of the human beings; Feather to Write, Butterfly to Dream, Dragon fly to Fly and the Fish to Hide. Before elaborating the features of this elegant journal I would like to share an enticing VIDEO of this collection with you,it will give you an inside look of these super cool fabulous journals. More, so I loved this Red feather diary because of the word WRITE, it seems The team MatrikaS knew that how much I needed some inspiration to restart writing. 

A dazzling  golden feather is printed on  the red background. The word "Write" is printed in an artistic way at the up right side of the feather and tiny golden dots are enhancing the beauty of the background.  The whole look resembles the image of a lady and to be specific an Indian Lady because in India, the color red is always symbolized with love, passion, vibrancy, joy and sacrifice. The cover page looks like a lady wrapped up in a red garment. 

 When we turn the pages of the diary, we understand why it is called Creative Women Journal. The plushy, chic sketches of butterflies, leaves, flowers and other intricate designs those represents the versatility and beauty of  nature and of course a Lady, those lovely floral designs and that eye catching Tree design in the beginning of the diary... how could you ignore that tree of life !!!! One can fill vibrate colors in those sketches and make the monochrome interior of pages poly chrome and  brighter. 

The plain white sheets scattered here and there in the diary with a heading "Scribble Your Heart Away" provides ample space for the artist that reside inside every one of us. You can writes quotes, create designs and make doodles here; this is our ME space. These pages can work as a  partition among various sections of diary; say you want to divide the diary for poems, prose, quotations, scheduled tasks then this type of blank pages could be of lot use. Now it is up to you how to utilize those pages. In fact the word "Date" is also printed in artistic  font that makes this diary even more special and feminine. 

This lovely journal has some more unique features; it takes you to the limits of your imagination.... Last four pages contains sets of stickers that can easily describe any mood, secret wish list, to do list and what not....It is a Rainy day so here is a sticker for that, an idea struck your mind, the best day of your life, you achieved something, This shall also pass.... The list is endless and so your moods and wishes ...

 Decor your workplace, notebooks, walls, dressing table mirror, work desk or any other surface with these stickers and express your mood with out saying even a single word.!!!! The beauty of these stickers is that they are not just in text form but also in image form as well as. An idea bulb, an owl, a bucket list, a ship , a radio, a blank conversation box...oh my my !!!!

 There are a few other utility features added in this elegant diary that enhances the beauty of journal. A bright color elastic red colored strap for safe and secure locking of diary and little loophole made of elastic to hold the Pen. This whole set of lock and pen holder creates a sense of privacy and individuality, It is like the heart of a woman is locked; the pages of her life are locked inside those hard bound covers of the journal, the white and black lines hold the deep down buried secrets of a lady.

A white paper pouch is attached at the back side of hard cover that looks like  a part of  the white sheet. I can hide some secret letters, documents, a flower that will create memories or a weekly To Do List !!!! Imagine, Imagine...

And if the above description has not sufficed your curiosity to know more about MatrikaS then facebook is here to help you. I have yet not started using this diary because the best should be saved for the last that means I will start writing in this diary once I will complete that Vivekanand Journal. 

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