Thursday, 23 January 2014

Old Friend

old friend I’m sure you will never forget, Where we used to wildly play. 

The night was never an obstacle; To us, it was forever day. 

I’m sure you will never regret, The quarrels we used to have. 

We have offended each other well; But by it, learnt good from bad. 

I’m sure you will never trash, The memories we have constructed. 

The ones we often summon, When our souls become corrupted. 

I’m sure you will never reject, That I was ever a friend. 

Oh, how we spent the years fully; Years that surpassed an end. I’m sure you will never appear, At my doorstep ever again. I’ve never shown appreciation; So thank you dearly, old friends...

This Beautiful Poem is Written by My Amazing Brother Kamlesh Lalwani

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Thursday, 16 January 2014

New Earth -- Part 3

The First part of the Story is Here

After  a couple of minutes, my team mates and I, entered into a big round shape hall that had a high dome shape ceiling. I saw some men and women sitting in three blocks of desks; I also saw Aditi sitting on a higher chair which was placed behind the second block of seats.

Vasumitra escorted us to the guest chairs and when we all sat comfortably, I heard this voice,

“Sasha, we would like to know the purpose of your expedition and also about the present condition of Earth. It has been a long time since we have sent any team to the Earth.”

I was a little surprised, what does it means?  We don’t know anything about Devbhoomi, but these people are not ignorant about their motherland. However, I was more worried about our own problem. So I started speaking...

“Earth is facing the most crucial crisis of its life. Environment has become poisonous and it is not breathable anymore. Our natural resources has came to an end; minerals, fertility of soil and most important WATER have become the costliest thing on our planet. Our population has decreased not only because of global warming, etc., but due to those bloody wars, which took place for resources and water. Earth would not be able to support the human life for more than a couple of decade. Therefore, we have started shifting the population to Moon and to other space colonies established on Mars. However, they are … my words remained incomplete and somebody interrupted.

“What exactly do you want from Devbhoomi?”

“We need New Home for us. A home that has Water and a climate where humans can breathe easily. Devbhoomi is a suitable option we have found so far in our search of various planets.”

“Do you understand the meaning of your words? Why we will allow you to live here?”

“If yours have been a different civilization then I might have doubts too, but you are also humans and one of the early habitants of Earth, it’s your motherland and in present circumstances it needs your help.” My voice got shrilled while speaking the last words.

After a little silence, an elderly man spoke, “we are well aware of what is going on Earth and the Root Causes of it. It is the greed of man that will never get satisfied.”

“Here, in Devbhoomi, we have created a new society, a new way of life; we have learnt to live under the Limits of Man and according to the Expectations of Nature. If we allowed you to live here, soon you will pollute our motherland as well. And this is the thing that we will never tolerate.” There was anger in his words. 

The meeting got dissolved and we came back to guest rooms.

“What are those rock cur shelters that we saw at the mountain water fall?”

“We call them recreation chamber and the containers you have seen are used to keep our bodies inside them. They have an important role in our society. Each one of us have to spend fifteen days at every six months into these chambers.”

“As you have seen the teleportation skill of us; it is not a miracle and even the advance technology has a little to do with that. It is the result of extra ordinary physical, mental and spiritual capabilities that help us to travel beyond the barriers of time and space. During those fifteen days we have to undergo various meditation techniques and practices that help to increase our inner strength.”

“The mineral rich water and some special herbs and medicines that grow during this period of year when weather get changed in every few hours; are the major sources of physical strength and capabilities, it also minimize the impacts of ageing and injuries.”

We were stunned to know all this; it was like we are listening to a mythical story of ancient times when people could fly in the sky and get disappear in the air. Though in our time, we have made it possible through the inventions of science, but here it was a totally different story.

“Why the sand is white?” I asked.

“It is not white, (Mahendra chuckled) rather its grains are semi transparent and the white shade is due to a mineral named “Urvita”, which is commonly found in the sand. Urvita keeps the soil fertile and sustains the nutrient level of crops.” he explained. 

“But the other part of the planet is not suitable for humans. Is it all dreary and deserted? Or there is any interesting story about our PURPLE Planet?” Tara asked.

“No, that region has volatile climate conditions either too hot or too cold; we can’t live there, but yes, its rich mineral resources are the foundation stones and crown jewels of our cities.”

“Yeah, Tanzanite, Mercury, Iron and that Blue thing.” Tara sighed.

“That blue thing is the life line of the Southern region of the planet, one of the fundamental elements that helped to creating the life on planet. We have named it “Neelam”; however, you won’t see the presence of Neelam in Northern region due to some complicated climate-geographical conditions. It is replaced by Carbon, the essential element of human life.” The last sentence was added by Vasumitra who was out of the discussion till now.

Suddenly, I remembered about our station team which must have been started off for Devbhoomi after our massage of last night.

“Mahendra, there is something I forgot to tell you and the councilors. Though our request has been rejected, but our space station team is already on the way to Devbhoomi.”

“What??? Why you did not tell us this earlier? They won’t be able to enter in the orbit of our planet, the space security shield will destroy them miles before the orbit; stop them or they will die.” Vasumitra was furious.

He quickly took us to another portion of the building. A big hall, walls covered with some panel like structures. Vasumitra pressed some buttons on a wall and a virtual screen appeared with keyboard/control board panel.

“Your spaceship’s communication system is under our surveillance and now it is connected with our satellite system. You can communicate with your team from here as well.” With these words, he pushed me in front of the screen; his assistant was already doing some work on control panel. In no time, I saw Jim, one of our station engineers on the screen.

“Jim, this is Sasha, I need to speak with your captain…” 

To Be Continued...

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