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Red Beauty

Red Beauty

OTC Roof Top Garden

These Photos were taken a couple of years ago during our foundation course training at Udaipur Officer's Training Center. This is a scene minutes after a short rain fall. This lovely christmas tree duo is like a crown jewel of this roof top garden.

Nokia E-5 camera, no photoshop or picasa effects.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Time Will Bring us Closer

This one is of the Runners-up Entries of the British Airways Contest

The train gave first whistle when the couple boarded the train. They both were heavily panting; after sitting on the vacant seats, they both felt a bit relaxed. Though, the girl was still looking quite scared, she held his hand and her eyes got moist. However, she managed to hide those tears which were eagerly waiting to explore the world out of the eyes. 

“Don’t worry, everything will be all right. We will make it.” The boy tried to consol her, but inside his heart, he was also scared; if anyone would have asked him that what his greatest desire for the present moment is, then he might have answered it in one sentence  ...”am I asking too much!!!!!”

The train was running and a huge noise was being created, she put her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes. A slide show began ….

“Pyar karma hi tha to apni jaat ka koi dekha hota. Ab kya ham neechi jaat walon se rishta jodenge” A volcano was hitting the walls of the house, she was shivering with fear and looking at her mother, maybe she can help, but her mother also turned her face and left the room.

Somehow she managed to escape from home and went to Varun’s house. His family was not much pleased to see her and there was nothing to blame them for such hostility. Choices were limited.

Varun’s mother tried to stop her dear son, but the couple was still thinking that once the dust will settle down, everything will be fine, as they used to be; but this small city was getting smaller and stranger to find a safe shelter. They decided to leave the town for few days and hide somewhere. Without wasting even a single second they rushed to the Railway station and grabbed the first train which was about to depart from the station.

Sushma’s sleep got disturbed when her cell phone rang up, it was her younger cousin brother who still had some sympathy for her Summi Didi. He informed her that the Panchayat held a meeting and considered the matter as a Blot on the Honor of the Family.

Time was rushing, the SEARCH was ON;

Leave this city and start a new life. Those were the last words of his brother.

The train stopped at a major station and Varun dialed a number from nearby PCO.

“Don’t worry and come to my place, there is always a door opened when all other are closed.”
Vasu is a scientist and working with DRDO’s Gwalior lab; a very own “Rancho” of IIT Khadagpur. His house seemed a safe and peaceful option as he lives alone. After a few hours, they were heading towards Gwalior.

“See, I have a wonderful solution for you guys.  In fact, if you choose this then, you can make history opps, I mean FUTURE.” Vasu’s eyes were sparkling with proud.

“Vasu, I know you are talented and I don’t doubt on your claims, but buddy, I don’t want to make History or Future  ... All we want is to not to become HISTORY.”

“Your seniors know about your Time Machine and have YOU ever traveled with this machine?” Sushma asked.

“Nope, I have never told anyone about my BABY. Yes many a times I have traveled in past and in future as well and it was an amazing experience, you see... let me explain ..”

“Vasu, what we will do in FUTURE. Your Time Machine can take us to a desirable year or time, but tell me, how I will mange there without knowing anyone, without having a job and most of all a completely unknown and alien surrounding  ...” Varun interrupted him, he was worried and scared as well, the uncertainties of life were looming upon his head.

“Ok, as you wish, but I am still on my words; my Time Machine can solve your problem. See, they are behind you, for how long you can hide, one day they will trace you out and then…?” Ok, as you wish, no Time Travel... anyway, take some rest for now.”

Sleep was far from eyes and love was not enough to bring it back to the tired world of brain and heart. Suddenly, an idea blinked in Varun’s mind and he felt relaxed after pondering over all aspects. “Yes, this would be a good option, if everything goes well, then we can do this.”

“Ashish said he can help me to get a decent job in London, thank god I have professional degrees. He will also arrange something for our stay, though we would need to compromise on that front.” Varun spoke while emphasizing on last sentence.

“Oh wait a minute, do you have passports ..?” Vasu asked them.

“Yes, I have mine, I didn’t left home with empty hands. When all this HUNGAMA started, I understood that I may need to leave home so I took all necessary documents and identity cards in a bag with me. My passport was in mummy’s almirah, somehow I got it.”

“I too have my documents and cards.”

“Smart lovers, I must say. Anyway, it will take few days to complete the visa formalities, till then enjoy this beautiful city of Gwalior.” 

After 15 days

“Bye Varun, do let me know whenever you need any kind of help from me. Take care, happy journey.” Varun and Vasu hugged each other.

The British airways flight for London’s Heathrow airport was waiting for them. They boarded the flight and soon the sky of New Delhi was becoming cleaner with the air of happiness, peace and LOVE. The sky was looking bluer than other days. Sushma’s hand was gripped with Varun’s hand and after a long time they were feeling like Free Birds.

In the middle of the flight, there seemed a little uneasiness in the pilot’s cabin. Weather was getting worse, the pilots were wondering that why they didn’t get any weather forecast from the ATC. Suddenly, the rain clouds and fog started getting dense around the plane.

Before the pilots could understand anything, it seemed the plane received a jerk, a blow and in the next moment, the sky was clean, there were no signs of clouds and fog. It all happened in a few minutes. Then the pilots received a radio message from the ground station...

“Welcome to the Birmingham International airport, it is a pleasant evening; the time is 7:30pm.”

Birmingham! how we reached to Birmingham??” the pilots felt a chill in their spine. The both looked to each other; there was nothing that they can explain to each other.

“Let’s land the plane, after all we are still in UK, it could be a navigation related problem, perhaps a technical error that the GPS guided us to Birmingham rather than London.”
 One of them spoke in a timid voice.

“It would be good if we tell the people that we have reached to wrong place, otherwise...”

After a few moments, the pilots made the announcement regarding landing on Birmingham airport. Passengers became restless after hearing this, but somehow they remained calm. Meanwhile the ground staff started preparations for landing. Soon the plane made a safe landing on the runway.

“Sir, there is some issue with GPS navigation, our flight was en routed to London Heathrow airport... inform the authorities about..” the pilot stopped speaking when his eyes fell on the table digital clock, it was showing date …”5th August 2075”

“I think your clock is showing the wrong date and year, 2075!!!!”

“ It Is 2075, seems you are very tired, you need to rest and we haven’t received any emergency message from Indian or UK aviation authorities regarding a flight being on wrong path or wrong destination. Though, I am wondering that how British Airways is still using such an old plane for this long journey.”

The pilots got freeze on their seats.
2075!!!!!! But when we left from New Delhi Airport then it was 2014... Is it some sort of joke you playing with us.” One pilot shouted.

After half an hour
“Ladies and Gentlemen, we request you to stay calm and cooperate with us. We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience, but we need to inform you that our flight has landed up not just in a wrong city but in a wrong Year as well. It seems like a miracle of god that we have reached in the year 2075. Due to some natural phenomenon,  A time portal hit the plane and here we are…”

“Please stay calm, the Birmingham airport authorities have promised us to take care of all the passengers and you all are welcomed to spend some quality time in the First Lounge of British Airways. Enjoy the finest dining and drinking facilities or if you wish you can take a short nap in as well in the lounge cabins. Till then we are trying to find the solution, so we can take you back safely to London.”

“Varun, don’t you think that our destiny has brought us here. Vasu was talking about time travel and see unintentionally we made it.”

“Come on sumi, what silly things you are thinking. I still think it is some sort of practical joke that British Airways is playing with the passengers… Maybe, it is a new way to pamper the passengers or... I don’t know…”

“Varun, it is 2075.” Sushma spoke in a slow yet firm voice.

“Varun, just few hours ago, we were running away from our home, our motherland and most of all form our own families. Why..?? Because we don’t wanted to become a target of hatred, false ego, hypocrisy and most of the false arguments of Honor and Pride.”

“I don’t want to go back in that time, which refuses to recognize true and innocent love; I don’t want to go back in that heartless world that don’t want to accept us. If we have to stay among the strangers than what is bad here?  I Want To Stay Here.”  

After Three Hours

The plane took off from Birmingham International airport with all passenger and crew except two people; Varun and Sushma.

“Welcome to your new life in 2075.” An airport official spoke.

An old song was being played in the lounge bar…” The Silver Street that leads me to the Place I want to be… Show me the way, take me to Love..

The pilots felt another blow hitting the aircraft and saw the lightening among the dark clouds..

“Welcome to the Heathrow airport London.” The ground station greeted the pilots.

“May I know the date?” one pilot asked.

“It is 16th march 2014.”

Both pilots smiled.

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This story is a pure work of fiction. Names, places and events all are fictitious and has nothing to do with any real life incidents.

With Love, Towards the Infinity ...

This is One of the Runners-up Entries of British Airways Contest

Year 3045

The roller costar ride was creating waves of excitement and screams. The air of Cloud Nine Resort was full of warmth and extreme cheerfulness.

“Zenia, that guy is continuously looking at you only. In fact he is chasing us from sometime.” Miraya whispered in her ears.

“Who is that, I didn’t take notice? Anyway, let’s go for a drink, I am tired and need a break.”

“Hi, may I join you?” that same guy was now standing next to Zenia’s chair.

“Umm, ok, sit. Who are you and why chasing us?”

“I am Tishomo. Can we become friends?”

“From where do you belong, didn’t see you nearby  ...”

“Ohh, I am from Branza, Mestic Solar System, and Whirlpool Galaxy. And you must be from Earth. Only Earth girls have such beautiful eyes and skin color.” He explained everything in one single breath.

“I see, Branza, I heard about this planet. It is known for diamonds and other precious metal reserves. And you seems more impressed by my physical traits... am I right gentleman?”

“Err... ummm... no, no, please don’t take me wrong... I was just appreciating you... Earth is the only planet in the whole universe that has unique races of humans… no other intention...”

“Hey, this resort is the second best after the Sky Roll resort of Ursa Major... have you ever been to there?” Tishomo tried to turn the conversation to another direction.

Soon the young birds found many interesting things to talk about. The holiday trip became much more pleasant and delightful. Love was in the air and it was blooming like a fresh Red Rose.

Finally the vacations got over and it was time to get back to HOME.

“Don’t worry; I would be coming for the inter-planetary convention on mineral exploration and development. I am a member of the engineer’s team. We will meet there... ok??”  Tishomo asked her.

“Ok, I am also part of the space geology team. See you there.”

They both bid goodbye to each other. Zenia chose British Airways Spacecraft Airbus S480 to go home. Yes, British Airways was continuing its Glorious tradition of One World “Be Universal, Be One” with flights across various galaxies and solar systems.

The Airbus S480 Spacecraft was taking Zenia back to Earth, but her heart was flying far towards Branza. And the same was the situation with Tishomo, he was also going home, but his heart was left far away.

Though, their homes were hundreds and millions of light year away from each other, but there were many options to stay connected. There was space net communication system to connect various planets and their citizens. Most of all now traveling to other planets, natural satellites and space holiday stations is a common thing, so frequent meetings are not a big deal, especially when you are in LOVE. Love always finds its way amidst all the barriers and troubles and so Zenia and Tishomo also found their way.

After an Year

“Will you Marry me Zenia?” Tishomo proposed her in a complete Earth style with roses and a ring.

Though, marriage was not a custom or institution in Branza, but this was the best way to reduce the barriers of civilizations, races, culture, distance and time. Moreover, on Earth, marriage was still a pious and strong institution. As the population was decreasing on Earth (due to various reasons) the government was doing its best to encourage marriages.

“Only on one condition, if the marriage will be conducted according to Earth’s traditions and customs.” She replied shyly.

“Obviously, we can get married only with Earth’s traditions, there is no other option.” Tishomo laughed.

“Dad I love him and he loves me. We are living in an ultra modern age, this is twenty second century and people are still thinking like this.”

“I agree with you, but sweetie in the 22nd century we have some problems of our own. This issue is no more a personal matter; aren’t you aware of this fact?”

“Dad, our love won’t bring thunderstorm in the galaxy. In fact it can become a symbol of harmony … many inter-planetary relationships and such marriages have taken place in past years than why not now?”  

 “Ok, inter-planetary relations... can you remember one single such relation/marriage in past three decades. Furthermore, at present we are fighting to secure the future of human race. When our population is decreasing, the quality of human DNA is also going down, and then do you think that “Union Government” will allow this inter-galactic or inter planetary relation... especially when you want to marry him. It means your kids would neither be human nor Branzanian.”

“Dad, it’s my Life, can’t I take decisions for myself. What the hell government has to do with It.?”

“Don’t be silly, you know that under the present laws you can’t marry him. You need prior approval of Council and you both have to go through various medical tests. Council will never permit it and the tests will fail that Branzanian. He won’t get citizenship of Earth and I am afraid that you too won’t be able to get the same in Branza”  

“Dad... I love him and I already have given the application to the family welfare department.” Zenia’s voice was low.

“Honey, at least you could have told me this earlier. You have no idea what blunder this application will create. Branza is a hostile planet, Earth don’t have good relations with them. Their government is not much open towards other planets and galaxies. I am worried for your future, even if I believe that Tishomo is a nice and trustworthy guy, and then too I can’t trust Branza.” Her dad shook his head.

“Zena, situation is same here. The Council of Rulers has rejected my application of migrating to the Earth; nor will they allow you to come and stay here in our planet. I am feeling like hell…” Tishomo was angry and frustrate.

“Would there be any future of our love? Tishomo, I am afraid... there is news from state department that they are thinking to disconnect the communication channels between Earth and Branza till the matter doesn’t get solved.”

“It is because our love story has now become latest breaking news on space- cyber communication channels. It is affecting the policies of Planet governments and their rules regarding foreigners and so called Aliens. Therefore to prevent further turbulence, Branza Government is also thinking on same lines.”

A simple and innocent love has now become a reason of diplomatic and political tension between two planets. A debate started off among the various sections of society; whether such inter-species, inter-races relations and marriages should be allowed when the mankind is going through a hard phase of their existence. Humans are now one of the most precious resources on Earth. Will this type of marriages help us or make our existence more vulnerable??? Questions were many and so the answers, some were in favor and some others were negative.

In Branza, question was a little different; they had their own apprehensions and a proud of being a unique civilization and race in the whole universe. They don’t want to encourage any such step that can challenge their uniqueness.

“Are you sure, this is the best option?” Zenia was a little worried.

“Well, not the best, but in present circumstances, this is the most viable option. Maybe, after some time things would be better and of course, there is no such law or rule in this universe which was never got amended or repealed.” Tishomo smiled.

“Meet me at Cloud Nine resort and don’t forget that our movement is under surveillance so use the proxy identities to clear the departure and arrival gates.” Tishomo was ready with his plan.

At Resort

“You know what; it’s not that tough to fool the artificial intelligence and ultra advance technology because with the technical advancement we are also getting smart.” Zenia giggled.

“Ok, ok, I know you are smart, but in Branza it wasn’t that easy, I almost skipped the trap. Anyway... we are leaving in next couple of hours. I have left message for my family... what about you..?”

“Yeah, I too left a letter for dad... hope he will understand and  ...” Zenia was sad.

“Anyway, which ship have you chosen?” she asked.

“After comparing many ships and crafts, I chose Dreamliner Cosmic Yacht is the best private spaceship. Though, it is little costly, but it worth so.  It has self sustainable fuel system, auto generating green house and other necessary life sustaining equipments for multi racial crew like us...” (Tishomo winked).

“If it so costly, then how did you get it... we don’t have that much money to afford it.” Zenia got anxious.

“Well, as you would know that there are some giant corporate groups conducting research projects about space and its resource exploration. I had received many such offers in past, but never gave them a thought, but now I felt this is the right time to accept them. Apart from other perks, their offer consist a private space yacht as well, so I made my choice regarding the ship.”

“I think, we can stay and travel in this ship for years in the infinite space; far from the boundaries of our planets, without giving them any headache and saving ourselves at the same time. We may get citizenship of any neutral planet as well as…” Tishomo explained.

Zenia was extremely surprised and that very moment she felt that she is the luckiest woman in this universe.

Soon the Dreamliner was on its way to explore the space with its two lovely passengers.

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Till The End of the World

Present day

“Dharti ke aakhri chhor tak tumhare sath … tumhara hath thaamkar chaloongi, is duniya ke aakhiri kone tak ..”

These lines were reverberating in his mind when he was calling on a phone number again and again; no one picked the call and finally he left for immigration process. Soon the British Airways flight took off from New Delhi Airport to its destination.

She was sitting in her room, gazing at the cell phone screen. Her face was emotionless; fingers were tightly crossed in each other with a firm grip on knees. The cell phone was not ringing anymore. He is gone… she assumed and picked the cell; twenty five missed calls it showed. Tears rolled out from her eyes and she fell on the bed, soon her pillow got wet; can’t say when she falls asleep, but she had a deep, dreamless sleep.

Flash Back

“I don’t want to discuss this matter further, are you mad, how you can even think about it?”

“Saari duniya mein wo Penguins aur Polar Bears ka chowkidar hi mila, family ki responsibility sambhaal sakega?”

“Mom, Abhay is a scientist and...” sentence remained incomplete.

“A chowkidar who is Half Christian and Half South Indian, hey Preeti   this is an amazing combination of Cake and Idly Sambhar…hehehhehe.” Suresh bhaiyaa laughed.

“Ours is a traditional family, we have some respect in the society, what we will tell the people that we couldn’t find a suitable guy in our own community, therefore our daughter got married to a guy from another religion and community.”

“Mix breed community.” Suresh chuckled.

“Shut up bhai.” Preeti shouted.

“He is four years younger than you, and his Madrasi mother doesn’t like Us because we are vegetarian Jains. And he is always away from home for field research work. No, Preet, not possible at all.” Suresh spoke in such a way as if he is giving final verdict on this issue.

 After Three Months

“Days, weeks and now months... time is flying... the last message he sent was a month ago...”   though she never responded back to his messages, but always waited for every single text or mail that he used to send her since the day he left for UK.

“Preet, zaraa gamlon mein paani de, dekh phool murjhaa rahe hain  ...” it was her mother, worried for the beautiful creations of nature... ”so our love will also get withered and die...” she couldn’t think further and pour the flower pots with lot of water.

Little she knew about his present address in UK, all she knew that he is working in a joint environment and global warming related project of Indo-British Governments under the Scottish Environmental Research Center of Glasgow.

Finally, she was writing a letter,

“Mom, Papa and Bhaiya,

I love you a lot, but I love him as well. Please don’t force me to marry with anyone else.

I tried hard, but can’t forget him. I am going, don’t worry, I will be fine. I am sorry, please accept our love.


P.S.  I have used our household account of Avios for flight, hotel and car rental bookings, hope you will forgive me for that as well as.

When her brother was reading the above note, she was sitting in the British Airways business/club class cabin. The plane was taking her to London. Her mind was not at peace, a thunder storm of thoughts was creating noises in her mind. She was questioning herself; whether the decision is right or wrong, will mom and papa ever forgive me for this?”

Maybe her face was expressing her inner thoughts, therefore, an airhostess came to her and asked politely, “Mam, do you need anything, may I help you.”

“Umm… a cup of cappuccino.”

“Sure, would you like to eat something?”

“Umm, ok yes, I would like to have Jain meal.”

“Sure Ma'am.”

After eating the delicious food and the coffee she felt relaxed. The comfy stretchable chair that turned into a flat bed and the cozy quilted blanket soon embraced her in a sound sleep. When she woke up and was having some tea, the same airhostess again came to her and asked, “Mam, wouldn’t you like to use the items of luxury amenity kit.” She spoke while pointing towards the kit. Preeti remembered that every passenger of business class got this kit when they board the plane.

“Umm, ok, yeah, I will use it later.” 

Finally the plane landed up at Heathrow Airport, however, it was not the end of her journey; the destination was still a little far. Her flight for Glasgow was already booked. Soon she was sitting and eating some light meal in the arrival lounge of Heathrow’s terminal 3. The peaceful and elegant surroundings of the lounge calmed her stressed nerves to some extent. She remembered the last holiday trip with family when they stopped at London for a couple of hours and how she enjoyed the beauty treatments of Elemis Spa. However, today, the situation was entirely different; the only thing she was able to think about was Abhay...

The waiting ended up and she took the fight for Glasgow and in less than two hours she was there. The rental car was running speedily to the University Research Center and her heart was beating fast, happiness, nervousness, jitteriness... so many feelings...god has filled all this in our one little heart.

“Mister Abhay has been shifted to another Project in Geneva by the Indian Government. It has been more than a month since he left.”
This was the answer she got after running and inquiring from one corner to another of this huge campus. For a moment, her heart skipped a beat; she felt everything is getting darker in front of her eyes. Anger, helplessness, loneliness, fear...these were the emotions that were making their way from her eyes to her cheeks.

However, things didn’t turn any worse. After knowing her story, the staff of research center’s administration section provided the new address and contact numbers of Abhay.

She tried the phone number many times, but it was not reachable.

“Now what to do... shall I go back or shall I Go Further… jab yahaan tak aa hi gai hai to ek baar aur khud ko aur apne pyar ko aazma ke dekh le.” someone inside her heart spoke in a loud and firm voice.

She knew what to do... and now she was again waiting on the Heathrow airport for her British Airways flight to Geneva, though, this time she was traveling through the economy class.

In Geneva

“Abhay…” finally, the phone number worked, her body was shivering with anxiety.

“Preet.... “

“Abhay, I am here in Geneva...” somehow she spoke.

“What are you saying, what you are doing here, why you didn’t inform me that you are coming to Switzerland. Why you didn’t responded back to any of my mails and calls. Preet  ...”

“Abhay, I am all alone here, I left home to meet you, went to Glasgow and then came to know that you are  ...”

“Gosh Preet…. You are mad... god only can understand you ..; at least you could have messaged me... I am feeling like to... ok, tell me, where are you right now, at some hotel or  ...”

“At the airport.”

“Be there, I am coming.”

After a couple of days

The telephone bell rang and her mother picked the call.

“Mom, I am in Geneva with Abhay… I am fine and  ...” 

“Do you have any idea, what you have done  ... you didn’t even think about us before taking such an extreme step... kya jawaab doo main logon ke sawaalon ka .. Where is my daughter... she ran away with a Madrasi Christian.” Papa was shouting.

Another Phone rang far in the Cochin.

“Son, I don’t think she is the right decision you have made. She and her orthodox family …” Abhay’s mother was screaming out her own opinion.

The sun was setting slowly behind the Alps and its reflections on the placid water of Lake Geneva were creating an enchanting atmosphere.

“Preet, will you come with me?” Abhay asked while holding her tightly.


“To the last end of the Earth….did you forget once you promised me  ...”

 “This project, I am currently working upon is a part of UNEP’s global research program and now along with my other teammates, I have to travel some remote regions of the world. Small island nations, Polar Regions and many such places. Will you  ...” he extended his hand towards hers.

“YES... to the end of this world  ... with you.”

P.S. "Ohh, Did I tell you that British Airways would be our official travel partner in this project." Abhay chuckled

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सड़कें और ट्रेन : एक अनुभव

सड़कें  आजकल मुझे एक अजब फिलॉसॉफी की तरह लगती हैं. हर रोज़ दफ्तर तक जाने के लिए मुझे दस किलोमीटर का रास्ता तय करना होता है.  और तब थोड़ी थोड़ी देर में मुझे सड़क के कई रंग रूप और नक़्शे दिखाई देने लगते हैं. जाने क्या क्या विचार सूझने लगते हैं. 

सड़कें एक फैले हुए जाल की तरह लगती हैं,  और सिर्फ जाल होता तो उसका कोई आदि - अंत भी हो सकता था लेकिन ये एक अंतर्जाल है, एक जंगल की तरह; गाड़ियों का, ट्रैफिक सिग्नल्स का और लोगों का.  यहाँ तेज़ रफ़्तार से पहियों पर सररर्र से भागती छोटी बड़ी गाड़ियां है, चार पहिया हो या दो पहिया सबको जल्दी से भी ज्यादा जल्दी है. और तब एक अजब सा ख्याल मुझे आता है कि भारतीय  सड़कें पूरी तरह समाजवादी हैं. हमारे यहाँ, दो पहिया, चार पहिया, बिना पहिया, साइकिल, रिक्शा, ट्रक, ट्रेक्टर,  ऑटो, बैलगाड़ी और पैदल सबके लिए एक ही सड़क है, जिस पर सबके लिए एक से  गडडे, धक्के, यहाँ वहाँ फैले पत्थर और किनारों से बुरी तरह कटी फटी, उधड़ी हुई  सड़क हैं. इस  निर्जीव  डेकोरेशन के बाद सड़कों पर रहने वाले या उनको खुला मैदान गार्डन वगरैह समझ कर वहाँ घूमने वाले जानवर भी समाजवादी ही हैं और किसी भी किस्म के भेदभाव में विश्वास नहीं करते। 

इसके अलावा समाजवाद का एक रूप ये भी है कि गाडी चलाने वाले सभी लोग (छोटी बड़ी सब तरह की गाड़ियां ) पक्के तौर पर संसाधनों पर समाज के सामूहिक स्वामित्व में मजबूत आस्था रखते हैं सब लोग मानकर चलते हैं कि सड़कें उनकी हैं, केवल उनके लिए बनी है  इसलिए वे जैसे चाहें  अपनी गाडी को चला दौड़ा सकते हैं. wrong side, right side, कहीं से भी कट मार के निकलना, जगह हो ना हो पर ज़बरदस्ती साइड से जगह बनाना या बीच में घुस जाना हम  सबका विशेष अधिकार है. (खबरदार जो इस पर किसी ने ऐतराज उठाया ) 

दो पहिया वाहन चालकों का ख्याल है कि उनकी ये दुबली पतली, हलकी फुलकी  गाडी  बेहद कम जगह घेरती है (bikers तो खैर सब "धूम" प्रेरित हैं ) इसलिए आड़ा तिरछा इधर उधर कहीं से भी गाडी निकालना उनकी ख़ास "स्टाइल" है. 

एक हैं चार पहिया वाले, इनमे ज़रा श्रेणीक्रम है … एक हैं बड़ी गाड़ियां जैसे  बोलेरो, स्कार्पियो, फिर हैं मध्यम साइज़ और आखिर में छुटकू कार जैसे बिचारी मारुती 800. तो ये सब लोग अपनी कार की साइज़ के हिसाब से सड़क पर अपना हक़ मानते हैं और उसी अनुपात में दूसरों से जल्दी आगे निकलने में लगे रहते हैं. जैसे बोलेरो और बड़ी लक्ज़री कार वाले छुटकू कार को  हड़काएँगे और ऑटो वाले को तो किसी गिनती में नहीं रखेंगे। अब बड़ी गाडी की बात हो और सरकारी गाडी  का ज़िकर ना हो ये हो नहीं सकता। ये गाड़ियां स्पेशल हैं, इनके ड्राईवर और अंदर बैठे लोग भी स्पेशल हैं. इनको फुल स्पीड भागने का विशेषाधिकार है, कृपया इसकी अवमानना ना की  जाए. 

इस सब के बाद हैं ट्रेक्टर, ट्रॉली, ट्रक, सिटी बस, टैक्सी वाले। जिनके बारे में कुछ कहना सूरज को दिया दिखाने के बराबर; कारण कि समाजवाद का मूल  आधार, शक्ति का स्त्रोत, क्रान्ति के वाहक यही लोग है. सर्वहारा  वर्ग, मजदूर किसान, निम्न वर्ग या निम्न मध्यम  वर्ग (बुर्जुआ सर्वहारा).  समाजवाद इन्ही कि कृपा से आया है और इनके कारण ही बना हुआ है. अतः सड़क पर इनके अधिकार किसी भी शाब्दिक  व्याख्या  से बाहर की चीज़ है. 

इतने अलग अलग किस्म की विविधता को समेटे भारतीय सड़कें अपनी सम्पूर्ण गम्भीरता, सहनशीलता और निस्पृहता के कारण मुझे एक बड़ा बहुत बड़ा डरावना जाल   लगती हैं. कभी chess बोर्ड वाला जाल, जहां चलने के नियम तो बने पर ऊंट, घोडा, हाथी कब कहाँ कैसे मुड़ेंगे, बैठेंगे पता लगना मुश्किल है.  और कभी ये मकड़ी का जला लगता है, समझ नहीं पड़ता कि कहाँ से निकलें, कैसे फंसे और कहाँ रुकेंगे। 

हर रोज़ गाडी चलाते वक़्त ऐसा लगता है कि गाडी के पहिये जिस तरह सड़क पर दौड़ते हैं वैसे पहिये ज़िन्दगी को भी लगे हैं तभी तो ये लगातार भागती जाती है बिना रुके बिना थके.  इसकी गति, लय ताल का कोई जोड़ नहीं, केवल सफ़र है मंज़िल नहीं।  जाने क्यों ये भागने का विचार मन में गहरे तक पैठ गया है. लगता है कि "सबकुछ" भाग रहा है समस्त ब्रह्माण्ड भाग रहा है लेकिन भागने के साथ ही कहीं कुछ अटका हुआ भी है. कुछ ऐसा जो बेहद मामूली है, कुछ फालतू है और कुछ कीमती या बेशकीमती भी है.   

सडकों से भी ज्यादा अगर कुछ जादुई है तो वो रेल की पटरियां है. लोहे की बनी पर बेहद लचीली पटरियां …ट्रेन के साथ साथ पटरियां भी भागती है, मुड़ती हैं, कभी साथ मिलती कभी अलग होती है. कहने को  है कि पटरियां कहीं नहीं जाती एक ही जगह स्थिर रहती हैं पर फिर भी नज़रों को साफ़ धोखा देते हुए वे ट्रेन के बराबर वेग से दौड़ती दिखती हैं. कभी आपने चलती ट्रेन में खिड़की से नीचे की तरफ देखा होगा तो वहाँ पटरियां अपना अलग ही खेल खेलती दिखेंगी। जैसे कोई मैजिक शो चलता हो वैसे ही ट्रेन भी जब धीमे धीमे रफ़्तार पकड़ती है तब आहिस्ता आहिस्ता पटरियां भी बदलती है, कैसे बड़ी सफाई से एक  से दूसरी पटरी पर पहुँच जाती है. कैसे अभी ये वाली पटरी इतनी दूरी पर समानांतर चल रही थी और कैसे अभी एकदम पास और फिर ट्रेन झट से उस पर चढ़ गई. कैसे  भागती दौड़ती पटरी बीच में ही रुक गई क्योंकि उसकी लाइन ख़त्म हो गई. आपस में क्रॉस होती, नदी की धाराओं की तरह शाखाएं बनाती पटरियां … किसी रहस्य से कम नहीं हैं.

सड़क पर जब बड़ी सफाई से खराब ट्रैफिक या टूटी हुई सड़कों पर हम गाड़ियां मोड़ते या निकालते हैं तब खुद पर बड़ा नाज़ होता है, बड़े ही सधे  हाथों से तेज़ रफ़्तार से 4th  या 5th गियर में गाडी दौड़ाते अपने ही अंदाज़ पर फ़िदा हुए जाते हैं हम. और तब मुझे ट्रेन  याद आने लगती है. ट्रेन  के लोको पाइलट जो पटरियों पर ट्रेनो को दिन रात दौड़ाते सकुशल अपनी मंज़िल तक ले जाते हैं तब लगता है कि उनसे ज्यादा एक्सपर्ट और daring ड्राईवर और कोई नहीं हो सकता।

जाने ये किस चीज़ का सम्मोहन है, स्पीड का, या रास्ते का या उन साधनो का जो रास्ता तय करने में हमारी मदद करते हैं. नहीं जानती।  

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

A Girly Curly Dove Story

This Post is Among the Winners of #DovePlay Contest

“Panchhi bani udati firu mast gagan mein, Aaj main aazad hun duniya ke chaman mein.”

I was riding my cycle and my choties tied with red ribbon were swaying in air. My cycle was almost flying in the air just like the spirit of the song, suddenly, I heard this, “don’t play too much in hot weather, don’t ….”  Aaaauu, aaauch... dhappp... dhadaam... mummyyyy… I was on the floor. 

“Itni badi ho gai hai fir bhi bed se gir jaati hai.” My brother aka devil’s modern avatar was laughing.

The best part of the day is when I am standing in front the mirror and combing my hair (that time I seriously feel a blonde like Rapunzel). “O Haseena Zulfon wali…ye reshmi zulfein, ye sharbati aankhein  ...” the fm radio was playing these classics when somebody intervened, “for how long you gonna stand here  ... “that’s mamma dear, somehow she don’t like my mirror love; she believes that this activity (staring the mirror falls under Don’t Category because Baalon Ko Nazar lag jaati hai).

“Mum, I want to color my hair in burgundy, in reddish-brown; in bronze  ... I want to highlight my hair with golden strikes... I want to curl my hair; thin curls, thick curls, long curls and short curls... I want to make hairstyles like ramp models.”

“Mum I want to Perm my hair like Nicola Kidman.” I spoke almost in a loud voice.

“Don’t play with your hair Mintu, they are not made of iron or wood; these types of Adventures can ruin your hair forever. I can’t allow you to use those harsh chemicals and Cruel Instruments on your beautiful hair. Baal Kharaab Ho Jaayenge Beta

“Par mamma, just a little color or curls can give me an awesome makeover  ... I am bore with my choti … “

“Already your hair falling and see how dry they are, when last time you have oiled them? Baal Jhaadoo jaise ho jaayenge.

“Color your Fat Friends, specially that purple one, its stupid nose will look very cute in Red color.” my brother interrupted.

“They are not FAT, they are SOFT Teddy and they all have NAMES.”

Yeah, I have named my cute teddies; Silky, Shaanoo, Dazzy and Curly. Now don’t ask me what is the inspiration behind these names…

“Chehare pe giri zulfein kah do to hataa doon main  ... gustaakh maaf  ...” the music system was playing this beautiful song while the hairstylist was showing me demos of various hair color options and hair cuts.

“Tell me something, mere baal jhaadoo jaise to nahi ho jaayenge naa after this Color Session.” I was worried obviously.

“Are you crazy, why you are thinking so? Nothing will happen to your hair, until you will give them proper care and nourishment. Have you used DOVE??”

“No, why..?”

“See, Dove has a complete range of hair care product that includes Hair Fall Rescue Treatment, Split Ends Rescue System Shampoos, Conditioners and Hair Elixirs such as Nourished Shine and Dryness Care. Use them as per your requirement and feel that Love that Dove will Shower upon Your Hair.”

“Would that be enough>” I was still anxious.

“Yup, as they say, “Play Safe” so Play with Colors and Curls and Styles, but don’t forget to protect your Cinderella hair with Dove Magic.” She smiled.

After a couple of weeks
“Udein Jab Jab Zulfein Teri ...”

“Mintoooo… I told you not to play with hair…  Baal Kharaab… ?” Mamma and Bhaiya were surprised.

I slowed down the volume of cellphone music and replied  ...” I am Playing with Dove.” 

I caressed my bouncy curly hair and turned the cell cam on to take a selfi of my shinning Chocolate shade hair. I took few locks in my hand and rubbed them on my cheek; it felt soft and tender like fur and clicked the perfect shot.

This Post is written for contest "Dove Go Play" conducted by  #DovePlay.

Enjoy the Lovely Dove Song and fall in love with Dove.

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