Tuesday, 22 January 2013

"When Love Speaks" : My entry for the Get Published contest"

  "When Love Speaks" : My entry for the Get Published contest"

Idea Description

Sometimes it takes a second or third or even many more sights to fall in love with each other. With Awani and Sushant this thing proved completely true; from casual friendship to close friends and when it turned into Love, they never knew.

A relationship that started from the beautiful city of Udaipur; reached to new heights in Hyderabad and then Delhi before it comes back to Udaipur.

Awani and Sushant were well-aware of the fact that parents will not give their consent for this relationship. Hence, they took decisions one after another, grabbed and left opportunities; to gain time as much as they can. In this process, they both had to change the directions of their lives and careers. Awani got a job in Hyderabad after her B.Tech and Sushant also managed to get admission in an MBA course in Hyderabad, purpose was to be with each other. However, it was just a beginning of a long struggle, a roller costar ride of events and a crazy romance that grew mature and strong with time. But one day the destiny turned its wheels to a different direction which they never anticipated.

Two people who think that “When Love Speaks” nothing else does matter.

What Makes It Real

This story is inspired by those friends of mine who had a long time relationships, a few of them succeeded in taking it to the final stage that is marriage, where as some others had to get separated due to various issues.


Sitting on a bench at Fateh Sagar Lake (Udaipur), Awani was looking at the reflection of gleaming lights in the water. She remembered that mesmerizing bike ride with Sushant at 4 am in the morning on the empty roads of Hyderabad, around the Hussain Sagar Lake. She wanted to listen to the silence of city and most of all she wished to view the sunrise at the lakeside.

Sushant was driving fast and she spread her arms as if she wanted to embrace the whole world.

“I want to hold the wheel of time right here. I want to stop this moment right here, forever...” she spoke while gazing at the lofty statue of Buddha in the middle of the lake.

Then hold it, but remember when the sun will rise, your moment will disappear,” Sushant laughed in a careless manner.

The same day when she reached at office, her boss called her to give her a news.

Awani’s somnolence got broken and she saw Sushant sitting beside her.

“Do you remember how much you loved to see the sunrise and sunsets at lakeside?”

“Yes, those were beautiful days”.

Awani’s thoughts again went few days back in time...

“Annu, if I would have been aware of all this  ... this Infosys job of yours, your civil service preparations... then I might have never allowed you to go to Hyderabad or anywhere else”, her Father said.

This is my entry for the HarperCollins–IndiBlogger Get Published contest, which is run with inputs from Yashodhara Lal andHarperCollins India.