Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Free fall

Sitting Near by the Shore

You are Looking Straight into My face, Your Piercing Eyes..    

And I am Looking into the Mirror, Looking at My own Reflection 

Do I recognize Myself ???  For I don't Know .. 

You ask Me, What Happened to You ?

What's Wrong With You, Where are you ?? 

I said, I want to Go Beyond the Barriers 

I want to Sink Myself into the Deep Waters

मैं अपने आप में ही उलझी हूँ  मैं तुमसे क्या कहूं, मुझे खो जाने दो हवा में.

इन उलझे हुए ज़िन्दगी के बेसुरे तारों को ज़रा सुलझा लेने दो, इसकी लय ताल को वापिस लौटा लाने के लिए मुझे जाने दो.

I Don't Know How Am I Expressing Myself,  am I sounding Pleasant, Rude, Angry ... 

Please Don't Accuse me, Don't Blame me, Don't Expect Anything; for I have Lost my Senses as You Think 

I am Not That One Whom You Ever Knew, I am a Shadow of that Name and that Face 

मैं अपने आपे में ही नहीं हूँ

मैं रास्ते भूल रही हूँ

मुझे रास्ता तलाशने दो 

मुझसे सवाल ना करो, मुझे डर  लगता है उनसे  

वे मेरे चारों ओर  घेरा बना कर मुझे बाँध लेते हैं 

मुझे मत बांधो 

Let me Disperse Myself into the Air and in the Water and in the Sand ..

Monday, 2 December 2013

New Earth --Part 2

First part of this story can be read Here

I was still looking at him and was trying to believe what he was saying. I felt that my throat was choked and I can’t utter even a single word. I looked towards Remy and Shiva and it seemed that both of them were feeling the same sensation.

“Are you human?” finally, I spoke.

“Do you still have any doubts? Of course, we are humans just like you. The same flesh, blood and the genome.” He smiled.
I saw, Shiva was making a hold on his weapons and Remy was ready to give a demonstration of his fighting skills. Then, I heard him saying these words.

“You don’t need to be afraid, if we wanted to kill you or harm you, then we could have done that when your ship landed up at our planet. We watched every step of yours and Allowed you to come So far. Come with me and meet with our people.” He spoke in a proudly manner.

I was still confused and of course scared as well, I was worried for Tara. Finally, Shiva broke his silence and asked, “Who are you, do you have any name and where do you want to take us and why?”

“Youngman, do you think that I want something from YOU?? Did you forget the purpose of your journey? What are you doing here, in an unknown, hostile land?” He was confident and his voice was full of sympathy. He continued with these words...

“My name is Mahendra and I am here to take you people in front of the Council of the Representatives. However, before that Aditi would like to see you in her dining hall.”

“Who is Aditi and what is this Council?” I had many question.

 “Relax Sasha, every question of yours will be answered, be patient and now please board in...” he pointed towards that strange vehicle, which was looking like it was made of bright rays.

“We will follow you in our boat ships. I replied.

“Your boat ships are not allowed inside our city. You should trust me; we will not harm the people of Earth.”

With these words of him, I saw that the Pyramid is getting open from the center. Slowly-slowly a huge gate appeared and the pyramid started getting vanished. We get into the vehicle and entered in the gate. In no time, I saw another miracle; yes it could have been a miracle only. There was a whole city in front of our eyes, I could see various types of structures and lot other thing, for which I don’t have any name. Mahendra was smiling, “our cities are covered with the near invisible safety layer. No satellite or radar can detect our presence until we don’t open this “Magical Pyramid”.

Soon we reached to our destination; those vehicles were definitely using the most efficient fuel of this universe because their speed was faster than our thoughts. When I came out of it, I saw a huge structure in front of me; a splendid building. It was built in levels or layers and each level was easily visible due to an open space garden adjoined with it. There were five such levels and I could see fountains, stair shaped gardens, statues and domes of course.

Soon we were inside the building and I found myself crossing big hallways and corridors along with Remy and Shiva. Finally, we reached in to a big room, where I saw small tables and chairs were arranged in semi circle. Mahendra asked us to take the seats and soon few servants like people came and started serving the food on our tables. We looked at each other.. "is it edible" Remy asked.

"of course, it has been prepared for Earth Humans only. go ahead."  

“Aditi could be here any moment”. Mahendra spoke.

“Now will you tell us who is Aditi?” that was Shiva.

“She is the mother of all citizens of Devbhoomi, Aditi is the name of the position she holds not her name. Her actual name is Shashwati and it’s the fifth year of her tenure.”

“You mean an elected body”. I asked.

“No, no, we have a procedure to choose Aditi.” He did not get time to speak any further because a group of armed men entered in the room and after them a lady stepped in. She was looking very graceful and there was a kind gesture on her face. She too had mongoloid features.

“Welcome to our land, we are delighted to meet you; it is the first time when somebody has visited us from Earth since our ancestors left it. You are my personal guests; I have appointed Mahendra and Vasumitra to take care of you. I would like to listen the stories of Earth from you.” She finished her words with a gentle smile and then she left the room.  My somnolence broke up and I felt as if it was her aura that had mesmerized us.

“Mahendra, I think you should know that why we are here. We are looking for … “my sentence left unfinished because another guy interrupted and said...”The council is busy for a while it will take some time. Till then, you have to wait.” That was Vasumitra.

 I was worried for Tara, therefore, I asked Mahendra again, “One of our team members is still in the ship; I need to inform her about all these things. I want to use a communication system.”

“Your friend is safe and here with us. We brought her here, though she got scared when she saw us inside the ship, but we managed that and now she is taking rest in a recreation chamber.” Mahendra replied with his evergreen smile.

I was in a shock state; then I saw Vasumitra leaving the dinning room. After few minutes, he was back and he was not alone; Tara was with him. I almost rushed towards her and embraced her; I looked at her from tip to toe… she was looking fine, there were no signs of injuries or wounds. Somehow, I controlled my anger and indicated both Remy and Shiva to stay calm as well.

“Now when we have some time, then it would be nice if you can enlighten us about the history of Devbhoomi?”

“I would like to know about these strange and extreme weather conditions.” Shiva also put his question on the table.

“Ok, let me start with the history. As I have told you earlier that we are the descendants of Dev Vishwakarma and Mahrishi Agastya. Hundreds of centuries ago, during the ancient times, Dev Vishwakarma was the finest architecture and engineer of this universe; however, we are still the best engineers in this whole universe.” (Oh, really, Shiva muttered) … Mahendra continued, “Every king and god wanted him to create the best Palaces, Ships, Rath and weapons for them; and he did not disappoint anyone. When the battles took place between the kings, those weapons and ships proved deadly exterminators; hundreds of people died and it harmed the natural assets as well as.”

“It did not stop here; the Gods, the Asuras and the human Kings forced Dev Vishwakarma to create new and advance weaponry and magnificent palaces that can become the medium to display their wealth and power. Mahrishi Agastya tried to stop this race of weapons and pomp show, but nobody listened to him.”

“Dev Vishwakarma was an ambitious yet a wise person. He understood that his creations are becoming the crown jewels for others and many a times they are being used in the destructive manner as well. Therefore, he decided to create a world of his own; a place where no Kings or Gods will rule the world, nor the Asuras will scare the humans. A wonder of its own kind; he wanted to make.”

“Therefore, he left Earth along with Mahrishi. I hope you have had heard about the legends about Mahrishi Agastya.”  

“Err, Emmm, a little bit, but as it has been an old thing, so it would be good if you can elaborate us about Mahrishi Agastya.” Remy tried to manage. Mahendra understood about our poor knowledge.

“He was not just any other sage of ancient times, but he was a great Explorer. It was him who took the Aryan Civilization to the southern India. He was the first man to cross the great Vindhyan mountain range. He made expeditions into the various parts of the Earth. He discovered many islands of your Indian ocean and of Pacific as well.”

Therefore, when Dev Vishwakarma decided to leave the Earth, Mahrishi also joined him because he wanted to explore this glorious and infinite universe.”

Their families also joined them in this grand expedition. They wandered in the space for a long time and then, they reached here. This planet besides its strange climate astounds both the gentlemen and the nonpareil beauty of this land forced them to stay here forever. Moreover, this planet is located at such a far distance that it wasn't easy for anyone to reach here.”

“Can you explain the reason behind this strange weather and I guess those igloos that we saw yesterday are somewhat related with the extremity of weather.” That was Tara, finally she broke her silence.

“Well, here in North Pole it happens only for 3 months and in South Pole those situations remain for 6 months. There are many factors behind climatic changes; we have two suns and Devbhoomi is located at different distance from each of them. The shape of orbit is also different and the last factor the tilt of axis, which is quite unique...”

“Therefore, we need those igloos to grow grains, vegetables and fruits. Though, we like to call them Bowl. In south, as the weather is quite tough, we don’t have any colonies over there.”

“I see...” Tara murmured. Rest of us was quiet and almost lost in our own thoughts. Suddenly a loud voice appeared in the atmosphere.

“The Councilors are waiting to see you, please come with me.” It was Vasumitra. I was ready to talk with those people who have created a “New Earth” here in a far corner of universe. 

To Be Continued...

Third part of the story can be read Here

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