Tuesday, 21 October 2014

MatrikaS Paper products : A Romance Between Writer and Her Diaries

It all started when I was in eleventh standard, one fine day our teacher gave us a lecture about how great personalities of world has always maintained the habit of diary writing and thus we too should follow the path. Somehow that idea of writing diaries struck my mind (maybe I too wanted to be a Great Personality!!!) and when my father came back from office, the very first thing I asked him,“ I want a diary in which I can write my daily routine.”  At first, he was surprised because till date his little daughter demanded for many things (toys, new clothes, sweets and sometimes cosmetics as well as !!!) But a DIARY ????? Anyway, I got one. A simple, small and thin diary; pages weren't much broad and the length was OK kind of. However, that was My First Diary and I started writing various things in it; about my life, people around me, events taking place in my life and yes some times serious philosophical stuff as well as.

My First Diary
My Priceless Possessions
Since then, a long time has been passed on and diary has become an integral part of my life. I am  a proud owner of  six diaries, six different types of diaries; different colors, sizes, designs, etc., but one thing is common for all of them, they represent my life till date; precious documents of my life, written by myself. My diaries are the most valuable possessions  of mine. Here, I am showing a few of those old diaries of mine.

Bad Quality Binding

Hence, when a fellow blogger introduced me with Matrikas Paper Products and suggested joining the Scribble Your Heart Away With MatrikaS Paper Products Campaign, I couldn't stop myself and quickly applied for their products. After few days, I received two lovely diaries and an elegant notebook. Here, I would like to talk about the diaries only, don't worry I will be sure telling you about the notebook, but in the next post. Of course, if you are a writer like me, then you know that words written on paper are closer to heart rather than any other writing form. And when it comes to expressing our little heart out, then diary writing is the best option. Diaries hold our big world inside their black and white papers and with every written page, they create a new world of memories and creativity.

As I told you before that I received two diaries, so let’s talk about the one with a light green colored titled "CUBE WORKS ", an aristocratic diary. This diary is available in two more colors, Blue and Brown at the website of Matrikas.  A cute soft elastic green strap on the cover for safe locking gives it more personal  touch.
Back Side

 This elegant diary cum journal has hard bound cover with a plush velvety touch feel and the title Cube Works is neatly engraved on both front and back covers in bold letters. A book-marker is also given along with the diary to introduce the user with the different sections of it. As per the book-marker, there are 256 pages in this diary to cater your different needs, from personal information to Action Plans, To Do List and Expense Summary; every single need of a common diary user has been cared of and given sufficient space.
Book Marker cum Index

 For example, first section is “Personal Data”, next is index pages and then comes the biggest section of the diary that is Ruled Pages and so on. I loved the ruled pages because unlike other diaries or journals that usually comes with specific mention of year, date, etc., on every page; in this diary the date column has been left empty to be filled by the user.
Empty Date Column

A diary, no matter how good it looks, is useless without good quality pages and strong binding. I had to abandon one of my personal diaries without filling all pages because it's binding was getting torn and pages were getting separate ( as you can notice that particular diary in below pictures). Moreover, being an avid
Torn Back Cover of my Old Diary

Worn Out Sides and Cracked Cover
writer and reader both, I am tend to write a lot stuff in my diary; from book reviews to the movie reviews, from daily happenings to any political social issue, my diary is my personal space where I want to express myself without any boundaries. Therefore, I expect premium quality pages; the ink ( I usually write with ball pen) should not get imprinted on the other side of the page, paper should not turn yellow/pale, pages should have soft touch yet thick enough to sustain the impact of time on my diary.

 MatrikaS products fulfill all our expectations very well. Paper quality is excellent; pages are thick and smooth to make the writing hassle free. Hard bound cover ensures the safety of your precious memories written on paper and also increases the life span of diary. There is a small safety pouch (thick paper made) also attached inside the back cover of the diary. Here, you can hide any important document, personal papers, etc. Hence, with MatrikaS, I am pretty sure that my personal space is in safe hands.

Now let me tell you about the second diary that is my favourite  among  the three products I got from MatrikaS. While, applying for the product review, MatrikaS asked  us to choose a famous personality from a given list and I chose Swami Vivekanand. That time I didn't know why they ask so, but when I received the product hamper and saw this graceful yet opulent diary that portrays Swamiji I understood the purpose of asking about our favourite personality

The front cover of diary has a youthful and lively portrait of Swami Vivekanand embossed  on the front cover, surrounded with beautiful prints of octal flowers and the symbol of OM.  A silver colored title “Vivekanand Journal” engraved at the top right side sparkles like stars on the background of saffron colored hard bound cover. The hard bound covers of diary have been given special designing effects and velvet finish that make it even more attractive.

Ethnic print at binding and soothing two tone color scheme of  covers and pages are capable enough to steal your heart.  The OM symbol is printed at every left side page of the diary at the top left side and each page contains a quote at the down bottom said by Swamiji  himself. Once again the date column has been left empty to be filled by the writer.

The journal contains a short biography of Swamiji also that is quite useful, it contains all important facts about his life, works and achievements. When you open the diary, a special column will attract your attention that is “ This Book Belongs to …”. I simply loved this feature because it creates a relationship between the diary and the user and this is the biggest purpose of any personal diary/journal. Another sections that attracted my attention are "Books To Be Read and Places To Be Visited". Here, you can create a list of all those books with their brief description that you want to read and places that you want to explore. These lists will always keep your dreams alive and help you remind about the Works to be Accomplished. This way one can keep a live hand written record of  memorable things and events of their life.

The overall simple yet elegant and stylish design of  the journal rightly expresses the personality and ideology of Swamiji. The journal also has To Do Lists and Monthly Action Plan sections to organize and manage your daily routine tasks.

In short, this exquisite Journal could be a perfect gift for anyone, be it a young chap or an elderly person, especially when they are fan of Swami Vivekanand like me (yes, that’s why I chose his name from the list).  For me, on the auspicious occasion of Diwali it is a unique and precious gift from MatrikaS Paper Products  that I will always cherish.

This Post has been written as a part of the Scribble Your Heart Away With MatrikaS Paper Products Campaign.

Images Courtesy :  taken by my cellphone camera.


Rajanikant Mishra said...

do they ealy merit purchase ?

Bhavana Lalwani said...

Yes they do.. their products are worth buying and will sure enhance the beauty of your study table. apart from these diaries I received a new year diary as a complimentary gift from MatrikaS and it was again a quality product. I gifted it to a friend.