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MatrikaS Paper Product Review : Innovation and Style At Its Best

Notebooks … this word creates a picture of regular ruled/unruled workbooks or notebooks with thin covers and attractive pictures on cover to catch our eyes. However, MatrikaS TOSS & NRUT Notebooks will not only catch your Attention, but are well capable to amaze you as well as. Now what is so special about MatrikaS Notebooks ? Before, I reveal the secret, let me introduce MatrikaS Paper Products with you; according the information given on their website, Matrika is a  Sanskrit word  for “MOTHER”, it could be Mother Earth, Mother Nature or the concept of Shakti in Indian Culture. MatrikaS presents a premium range of paper products including Notebooks, Journals, Office and Social Stationary and Diaries. Every single product is exquisitely designed and well finished. Designs, themes, color schemes, paper and binding; everything represents superior levels of class and quality.

Now, let’s get back to our Notebook, the TOSS AND NRUT NOTEBOOK . I received this fabulous notebook along with two exquisite diaries few weeks ago for being a part of their “Scribble Your Heart Away Campaign”.  This is a 6 Subject Note Book with an impressive metallic hard bound cover providing a glossy, lustrous look for the note book. The special effect designing has created an embossed 3D look and touch for the front and back cover. 

Our very own age old snakes and ladder game is imprinted over the front cover and surrounded by tree branches. At the end of the notebook, a short description about the game tells us that centuries ago, this game was originated in India and it was known as “MOKSHA PATAM”.  Surprized !!!!  yes I too was awestruck, after knowing this fact. Well, MatrikaS products are filled with such small yet joyful  secrets and facts. That description also contains the directions of How To Play the Game and thus our simple notebook turns out to be a  indoor game board. Wonderful .. isn't it ?? 

This elegant notebook has a lovely background color theme of Green, different shades of Green. The snakes on front cover are printed in different bright colors and creating a charming contrast with the green theme. What attracted me most was the jolly depiction of snakes; heart shape eyes, specs on eyes, a little crown on head, a winky or teasing smile on faces; yes those are bubbly and cheerful snakes. Inside the book, again the cheery sketches of snakes, ladders, small animals and trees are printed. A dark violet and turquoise colored snake printed on back side of note book looks very playful and cute; it has a crown of leaves on its head.  

In short, the complete design, color themes and images has been arranged in a pleasurable way. Children, Elder Children and even youngsters will sure love this notebook. This is not just any ordinary notebook, but an artistic piece of paper stationery; it will make the writing a delightful experience.

You might be thinking what is this 6 subject thing that I talk about in the above para ? Well, the answer is quite interesting, the notebook is divided in six parts through five different color paper dividers; saffron, of white, pink, sky blue and grey. These dividers are made of thick paper and create a colorful pattern among the ruled single tone pages of notebook. Now you can use a single notebook for six different subjects. The size is quite big, it is an A4 210x295MM notebook with 288 pages that provides sufficient space for six subject notes. The sturdy hard bound card board cover ensures long life of notebook and prevents any cracks/tattering or separation of pages form the note book.

However, on a lighter note, if we count that snake and ladder game playing facility also then it becomes  a 7 subject notebook... the 7th subject is of games, just like our schools where we get a period for sports and games. Quite an intelligent idea .. no ??   

The pages in this notebook are however, not much thick, but I think that is acceptable because the covers are already very thick and cloth bind and thick pages will only increase the weight of notebook and thus the burden of school/college bag.

And hey, did I tell you that I received a personally addressed and signed letter from Srinivas Viswanathan, the director of  Srinivas Group. I know all participants have received this type of letter from him and I was  totally impressed by this initiative of team MatrikaS. Do check the facebook page of MatrikaS Paper Products Here for more updates about their lovely paper stationery products.

One  more thing which I deeply feel about MatrikaS products is that they are more like lifestyle stationery and not just ordinary journals, diaries and notebooks.  Today, when we have become habitual of writing/typing on computer screen only and quite bored with the traditional notebooks, diaries and other journals; in that scenario MatrikaS paper products are very much warm, lively and inspiring as well as.Their unique designs, vibrant color themes, supreme quality paper and covers, attractive and useful features inspire us to pick the pen and write away whatever comes in our hearts. Moreover, these elegant paper stationery could be a perfect gift item for any occasion and for all age groups, especially when the person is interested in writing.

So, Those were my views about MatrikaS opulent  Paper products.. what about you ?? Do let me know about how you like this stylish notebook and those beautiful diaries.

This Product review has been written as a part of MatrikaS "Sscribble Your Heart Away Campaign"

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