Friday, 8 August 2014

The Borosil Experience

What is the difference between the fragrance of  rain and the aroma of the food being cooked in the kitchen ? Have you ever touched the morning dew on a rose petal, doesn't it's beauty reminds you something? Have you ever tasted those small pearly rain drops that  are resting on the velvety skin of flowers, doesn't they remind the divine world of flavours ? You might be thinking, what am I talking about .. well this quote will answer this puzzle "There is no Sincere Love than the Love of Food" . 

The fragrance of rain awakens our soul and the aroma of food start tickling our taste buds much before it reaches to our mouth. The touch of morning dew is so tender and cool that for a moment it forces us to forget all the harshness of life. The same goes with the food, a delicious meal served in a nice manner is capable enough to not just satiate our hunger pangs but can calm our tensed mind and soothes the tired brain as well as. Those round transparent pearls of rain, tastes heavenly and teach us that this world is full of various flavours and the simplest preparations make the tastiest meal. So, let's not waste time anymore and start our journey of Beautiful Food with Beautiful Borosil.

 I scratched my head for hours to decide about the dishes that I have to showcase in 2nd round and after a lot of  scratching, thinking and plucking a few hair strand, I made  my decision. Simple Dishes Nothing Fancy Yet Mouth Watering.

I started with morning breakfast; being a typical Sindhi the only thing came into my mind for the breakfast was the traditional Sindhi cuisine, Daal Pakwan. I remember, in my childhood, how daal pakwan was the only loved breakfast for a lazy Sunday. However, to give a little twist to this traditional Sindhi dish, I teamed it
 up with Coconut chatni and MInt chatni. I also prepared the Spinach Paranthas and Masala Paneer in garlic-onion gravy. Paneer is served in Baby Gourmet Bowl.  I chose the Lid of a Round Casserol from the Essential Combination Set to serve the Pakwans and Paranthas and for the chatnis I used the lids of Baby Gourmet Bowl Set
The Crispy Brown pakwans With Simple Yet Elegant Daal

Lush Green Spinach Parantha 

Spicy Masala Paneer

The SnowWhite Coconut Chatni

The Nariyal Chatni and Mint Chatni

So Now we had our breakfast and that too a heavy one. So whats next .. how about  kuchh meetha ho jaaye ??  So here is the another twist .. A splash of bright colors... A Glamours Dessert .. The Vanilla Custard Pudding... made with a regular plain vanilla cake, vanilla flavoured custard powder and layers of strawberry jelly and fruits.. I used the liquid form of jelly to create patterns with the yellow color of custard, decorated it with a slice of red cherry, slices of apple, mango and crumbs of Oreo Biscuits.. I chose the Round Casserole from the  Essential Combination Set for this frozen dish and Oh My !!!! the pictures are saying a lot .. the sumptuous designs by strawberry jelly... and the luscious invitation from the top layer of custard pudding.. so what you waiting for .. ..  a formal invitation ???

The Jelly Belly
Silky Vanilla Custard Pudding

Vanilla Fruit Custard Cake Pudding

So now you would have understood what I was talking about in the first para of this post.. As I read somewhere, "You Don't need a Silver Fork to eat the Good Food" ... It's our imagination and a little extra efforts that can turn the simple dishes into the most beautiful and yummiest food, especially when you have the sparkling Borosil glasswares in your kitchen. Those are the simple dishes I have made, but theri simplicity has been transformed into elegance and style when they are served in Borosil Glasswares.

This post is written for the "My Beautiful Food-Round 2 Contest sponsored by Beautiful Borosil.

All photographs are taken by me and I hold the copyright for them.


Vaisakhi said...

Vanilla Custard Pudding!!! :D :D :D
Nice post :)

Sweta Biswal said...

Very colorful pics..........i see that you have used the lids too.......max utilization of resources dear!!!!!!!

Anunoy Samanta said...

Seems that you've really worked hard... all the best my friend :)