Friday, 8 August 2014

Beautiful Borosil, Beautiful Food

Food is our common ground, a universal experience.
How true.. isn't it.. and what could be more universal than the street food !!!!!!!! .. Oh yes..those vendors standing at the corners of a busy market  or at the footpath of a heavy traffic road.. They are well capable to catch our attention. Let the very first bite of "Chaat"  reach into our small mouth and we will start swimming into the ocean of tangy and spicy juices, catching the pearls of sweat and crunchy textures. So let's prepare some street food at home. Moreover, the street food gives you a freedom about recipe, ingredients, etc. in the words of Julia Child "You Learn to Cook so that you don't have to be a Slave to Recipes. You get what's in Season and you know what to do with it." 

For the feast of your eyes, the Gorgeous Royal Dahivada, covered under the layers of creamy yogurt, Mint and Tamrind chatni.  The small floret of fresh green coriander is adding the crown jewel to this dish.  I arranged this colorful dish in the Bake and Serve Deep Rectangle Dish of Borosil, so it can flaunt with all the brightness and boldness that it has got. 

Bold and Beautiful Dahivada

No chaat is complete without our King of Kitchen, The Potato.. So I prepared this Aloo Tikki Chaat and added all those trinkets which I found either in fridge or in snack boxes.. anardana, mathri, rings of beetroot, bhujiya and that white flakes .. did you recognize them??. they are freshly grated coconut strands. The Chaat is served in a Round Casserole, so all the colros and ingredients can get some space to showcase their individual beauty. To accompany the Chaat and to make your teeth exercise, I have fried some colorful and crispy-crunchy saboodana snacks and put them into the Baby Gourmet Bowls

Chatpati Chaat

Fried Fantasy

Ok, enough of  Chaat, let's have some healthy food with these Crispy Brwony Egg Bread Rolls, served in the lid of Round Casserol.. 

A Fruity Delight With Egg Rolls
Oh, I forgot to tell you that I have a big sweet tooth and to satisfy that hungry tooth, I prepared Coconut Laddoos and served them in a Square Dish, this dish has an elegant plastic lid too but I haven't used it in this picture. What.. are you surprised to see laddoos instead of any icecream, cookies, pastries etc.  as they would have been the better companion for this street food treat .. well, you forgetting that my sweet tooth is Shuddh Hindustani and I want some Mithai to feed myself .. so here we go with the soft laddos and those watermelon shape mawa barfis.

Coconut Laddoo Dhamaal

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So with Borosil the Food is not just beautiful but a fun as well as.

This post has been written for the My Beautiful Food Round 2 Contest sponsored by Beautiful Borosil.

All photographs has been taken by me and I hold their copyright.


Sweta Biswal said...

Nice one ....all the best for the contest!!

निहार रंजन said...

I wish someday I have enough passion to do all this:) Good Luck!

Farida Rizwan said...

Yummy.. Mouth watering.