Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Alternate The End of : The Saree Saga .. An old memoir

“Can we go home now?” Veeren bhaiya asked us.
“Oh yes, we are very much tired and feeling sleepy”, both of us replied together.
“Thank god you people are tired”, and with this comment he moved towards parking lot and we also followed him. I was thinking about wedding function, Divya and of-course saree, once again my eyes blinked and a smile ran on my face.

We were walking across the pathway from the entrance gate of marriage hall to parking lot when I saw a patch of mud and water in the middle of path. I tried to cross that patch with a small jump and in that try, my feet, first tangled and then shuffled with saree-fall and before I could understand anything, the next moment….oooo..auuu..ew… I was on the ground. Both of my legs got twisted and saree was spoiled with mud. All this happened within the fractions of minutes, I cried with pain but Yamini and Veeren both broke off in a laughter that made me angry and I felt embarrassed too. 

“I knew it, I knew it will happen…I told you this saree is a total flip-flop idea but you did not listen to me, in fact who listens to me, awww….why me always?” I shouted on mini. She somehow controlled her laughter and helped me to get up; Veeren bhaiya also gave me a hand. My shouting and din was continued, “how many times I told you and divi, I can’t carry a saree, but you guys did not listen a single word of mine and now see this..”. I was almost about to cry.

“Calm down, you will be fine, no one saw you falling in mud”, mini sympathize with me, but I was not in a mood to listen her.
“My both ankles are twisted and you are laughing,”

Yamini scolded me in a bit harsh tone, “shut up sonu, don’t cry like a little baby, it’s a small injury and you will be fine.”
I growled and again started accusing divya’s saree idea, my voice was enough loud to disturb the silence of night.  We were going towards car while quarreling like idiots. Due to pain in my legs I wasn’t able to walk properly, so I was walking slowly and that too with mini’s support and our collective noise of shouting was reverberating in the air. Suddenly, we heard a voice…. A sharp, harsh and loud one...

“What’s going on here, what kind of noise is this, what you girls are doing here at this time?”  Our necks with all our senses and brains turned into the direction of the sudden bombardment of questions… those were two police constables!!!. For a second none of us spoke anything, but then Yamini took a lead, “ sir, my name is Yamini and I am a law student, we came here to attend our friends wedding,” with last words she pointed her finger towards marriage hall, which was now seeming a bit far from us. they did not pay attention to mini’s words and looked towards me with an investigative sight (god only knows what was going on in their minds) one of them asked,” What happened to you, why are you shouting and where do you live?”while the other one was keep staring me. I was speechless and numb, Yamini quickly answered, “she slipped on mud, over there” she pointed again. But his eyes stuck on me; finally I opened my mouth and said, “Yes I fell down”.

Before this interrogation would have extended long, Veeren bhaiya came toward us with fast steps, “what happened? Any problem?” he looked at us but asked the constables. “Who are you?” the questioner constable asked bhaiya. Bhaiya replied with a soft tone, “sir I am Veeren Bhaargav and these are my sisters, we came here to attend the wedding function..” but the other constable asked. “Show me your license “.
When all this interrogation was going on, yaamini saw divya’s maternal uncle at the entrance gate of marriage hall and she shouted from her place..”uncleeeeee,” thank god he was not alone, two more gentlemen were with him. Rest of the story was quite simple and predictable, divya’s uncles and Veeren bhaiya had a word with the constables and within a few minutes they once again disappear in darkness from where they came.

We too felt relaxed and moved quickly towards car and get into it.  I, who was totally quiet and dumb during this entire episode, finally opened my mouth and said..”I will never forget this wedding…gosh..this is really too much”. I pretend as if I am a poor girl who is trapped in such an awkward situation. Now it was Yamini’s turn, she looked at me with anger, “it is all your fault you idiot ..if you would have controlled yourself than this could not have been happened, but no, you are a master in inviting troubles, god only knows what the hell those constables were thinking about us when they hear your screams and yells. You are such a fool”.

“what!!! Was that me?...Excuse me, my leg..” but before I finish my sentence, Yamini shouted, “oh yes your leg, as if it is such an important news that you have to tell each and everyone in this world”. I did not said anything after that..in fact, we both remained quite after that and meanwhile Veeren bhaiya came and started driving car. As the car started running, the cool and refreshing breeze started flowing our anger and stretched nerves also started to calm down. Yamini and I look to each other, smiled and than broke in to a laughter….

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the original story is Here


Maniparna Sengupta Majumder said...

A memorable event no doubt :-D....I never try to do anything like a 'small jump' while donning a saree ...I know I'll end up like the poor girl.. :-P

Anita said...

This seems so real, Bhavana, that I am sure it has happened with you!
If it's a story, then kudos to your story-telling skills.
Even if it is reality, then also Congrats for this well-written piece!
Fun to read :)

Bhavana Lalwani said...

Thanks Maniparna .. even I will never dare to JUMP :P :)))
yes it was a memorable day of life .. the very first time I wore the saree and felt like a queen :)

Bhavana Lalwani said...

Thanks a million Anita for all your kind words .. this climax is fictitious, it didn't happened but I thought to wrote an alternate ending for the original story. though the event is a real life incident only I have changed the names of girls (including mine and other two friends) rest every single event that u read in the original story is same.. from the colors and description of saree and tht dress for sangeet function to the mehandi session everything actually happened..