Thursday, 4 February 2021

Once Upon A Time

 And the Angels were leaving; She was standing near the waterfall and watching them ascending towards the sky.. She watched them till the last sign of their gleaming rays were in her sight. Finally, she sat on that nearby rock and a pair of liquid pearls rolled down on her cheeks. It was a dark, desolate and cold night.  She realized that it is not a feasible option to sit here for a long time, so she started walking; any direction, any path, any route.. She was walking without knowing anything towards nowhere. Suddenly, She heard it. She can now clearly hear it. It was him. him. She could still smell him well, even now she doesn't possess any magical super powers. It was his smell. The sound of his heavy footsteps was coming near to her; the air got heavy. She felt his warm breath. near, very near... at the back of her neck, at her hair. the vapor of his words were in her ears. He whispered, " So finally, you are here;  they left you !!! they kicked you out !!! I am curious, I am really curious !!!." she turned back towards him and looked at him with utmost disgust, a raging fire was in her eyes.... "What do you want now ? Shut your mouth and leave." 

"Ah, angel, you are still behaving like a little kitten, purring and meowing at his master's command". His poisonous laughter echoed in that desolated darkness. He is an Evil and this is how else an evil is supposed to speak and act. Why is she behaving this strange ? Where is she running ?. He took a moment to analyze the situation. 

"Where are you running ? this is Jungle, my dear. You still don't know the pathways of this jungle and
 you won't be able to go far;  Stop. Have you lost your senses ??" 

But she kept on running. And after a short while she almost fell on the ground. 
"I warned you but you don't want to listen." 
"Will you not leave me alone?" 
"You are already Alone !!" 
"No need to remind me of that. I am not asking for your mercy or sympathy."
"I know" His mouth curled up from the right side.
"You pity on me ? It was your plan to disgrace the Heaven and defame the Angel Crown." 
"Why would I do that ? I have my own Crown & reign, hope you remember that." he smiled with an utmost disgust.  
"What do you want now ? Why are you chasing me ? I am not going to fall for your sweet words again."
"I am not chasing you. You are in my Territory and it's my concern to inquire about the  unwanted entries.: he responded in a firm strong voice. 
"Unwanted Entry !!!. I am here, fallen, dejected and my tiara has been withdrawn." She cried in a despair.
"Get up, stop crying, accept yourself." He did not bother to console her.

He turned back to leave but then stopped and looked at her with a glance that was unknown for a demon, " I never anticipated this but even if I had a slightest of an expectation of your this present misery, I would have warned you about such consequences. I might have not let this happen, I would have burnt the "Reign" than seeing you here.  but my Angel !! tell me, tell me; even if I had warned you about those consequences , would you have taken your steps back ??" he whispered in a deep voice that sounds like it is coming out of an unknown person. 

"Yes, I would have. I would have never ever allowed you to tread upon the honor of  Angels."  She cried.

"No, You could have never did this. I Dare You." 
"You don't know how much I can dare ." 
"I truly don't know about how much you can dare, but I Know the limits of Goodness, Grace and Kindness of an Angel."

Suddenly, his eyes sparkled; he was back in his Avatar. 
She stood up and looked at him, her face was dry and she no longer looked like a charming angel. 

"If you need me, then you know where to find me. You know all my places. This beautiful forest is my open Palace and you can be my Guest, Forever. Off course, only if you wish so.." He smirked. 
She looked around and walked away with a hope to finding a way back to Heaven's Fountain.

Once Upon A Time An Angel and A Devil Fell in Love & It Did not End well.

Disclaimer : This Quote "Once Upon A Time An Angel and A Devil fell in Love. It did not End Well" is originally from the Author Laini Taylor from her book Daughter of Smoke & Bone. I read this quote somewhere on Instagram and thought to write a short story based on this quote. My story has no  connection with Laini Taylor's novel and her work.

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