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Sound of Soul : A Bose Story

Year 2045

Eyes closed, head laid back on my fluffy pillow, slipped inside the warm quilt made of Jaipur cotton and that ethereal music of water fall was slowly murmuring in my ears.  I was resting on my bed, totally at peace, the lights and the temperature of the room was just perfect to soothe my tired nerves.  The next track was again a musical  piece, rain drops falling on a lake.  Somehow, I love the sound of water drops falling on different surfaces. more than two hours passed by and I did not know when I fall asleep listening to that music of water falling on marble rocks. Those water fall musicals have become my favourite and listening it on my Bose Quiet Comfort 45 wireless headphones IV  (my silver crown !!! the latest one in the series)  is itself an experience that can not be described in words. Calling them headphones is a little wrong; they are now become a bigger and better version of mobile phones or I should say a combo of various other gadgets like E-readers, tablets, I-pod, wearable, etc. Technology walks more faster than man could have ever imagined. 

Anyways, apart from this tech saga, that mellifluous flow of music nodes were tickling the right chords of my heart and working extremely well as a sleep charm for me.  I woke up only, when my wife came and tapped at the side of bed, "honey, everyone is waiting for you, it has been more than one hour since the party has been started off; did not you listen the loud music?"

I opened my eyes, smiled at her and got up from my cozy comfort zone. The virtual personal assistant (powered by google)  in my Bose quiet comfort headphones ( inbuilt since the beginning of this series of headphones) has reminded me about this party earlier in the evening; ( otherwise I am not that good in remembering the tasks and dates and other such things). It is my Son's birthday, today he has turned 22 years old and day after tomorrow, he is going to Yale for a scholarship program.

Time fly like anything, it was just till yesterday, when I finished my MBA degree in finance and got placed in an IT company. Those days, I was so crazy for new mobile phones and other gadgets that I used to change my mobile phones in every six months and a blue tooth devise could have been seen all the time on my ear. And not just that, headphone and speakers were also my darlings!!! ( ahh, don't take me wrong). I loved to update myself with latest versions of different gadgets and mobiles.  And of course, those gadgets brought a lot of wires also, different charger for different gadget, data cables, earphones, power banks... and bla bla could see lot of  things stuffed in my office bag.. heavy and messy always!!! 

It was a pleasant candle light dinner date with my wife ( my then fiancee), when I was first introduced with Bose Quiet Comfort 35 wireless headphones II. I heard about them through some friends and was thinking to give it a try... and Voila !!! here they were .. In front of me... the gift box was opened and I was already getting mad over their possible usage and thus googled their website and started reading the features ... just then my sweetheart , my would be better half  Sunayana banged the table with her glass of water and brought me back into that world of  candle lit table ( for dinner of course!!!). 

All those sweet memories flashed in my mind in a few seconds and I came back to the present time. The party was in a high spirit.. my son, his friends and other guests were dancing on fast beats.. Bose QC headphones were everywhere.. some guests were enjoying their own party music, some were busy in live streaming of party with the help of VPA (Virtual personal assistant) that is connected to their social media accounts, some lazy ducks were sitting on sofas and was busy with their video chats and voice messaging through Bose QC ... Selfies and group photos were being taken and uploaded instantly through the inbuilt cameras of Bose headphones. The scene of most people wearing their headphone cum mobile phones on their heads was like a frame from a  Sci Fi movie, but in past few decades, the world has been changed a lot. These scenes nothing unusual now. Those usual box shape mobile phones and typing, texting, dialing phone number all are old school things.

Suddenly  a thought struck my mind.. no more bundles of wires of earphones and chargers.. the battery power of these Bose headphones now lasts more than two days or some times more than that... so no need to carry the chargers and data cables anymore. (Ahh !! ours was a little backward Zamanaa..)

Now it's just voice command through the action button on your headphone and yo !!!

Those headphones which were once considered expensive are now a must part of mobile. In fact the headphone and the inbuilt virtual screen and VPA is the today's mobile phone. You don't need to do that typing and seeing the notification of different social sites on your mobile screen... just one combined setting for all social media site notifications and you can listen each notification whenever it will appear. Reply was again in simple voice format; you can turn it into text or voice message.

A little far from all this hubbub, I and my wife Sunayana were on terrace; with our Bose quiet comfort headphones up, we were dancing on our favourite song,  "Dil Diyaan Gallan" ; without being disturbed by the loud music of party, ( Thanks to this noise cancellation and perfect balancing of audio, the song was being played at the right pitch with utmost clarity of every word of it's lyrics) this lovely song was taking us back in our old days. Days, when a lot of things happened due to  these headphones.

"Do you remember, how our world was before this Bose era?" Sunayana asked while her eyes were set on all those youngsters who were busy doing various activities with their Bose QCs.

"You mean that typing text and reading them on mobile screen and pressuring our eyes like hell. and yes that checking the notifications again and again.. " I laughed out of my heart.

"Those typo mistakes and wrongly sent texts.. and eyes stuck all the time on mobile screen.. everywhere from railway stations to airport, from cinema halls to restaurants and cafes, shopping mall, social gathering.. most time people can be seen texting or chatting on their mobile phones." I chuckled and remembered all those jokes that were used to made on such habit of excess usage of mobile and social media.

"Not just texting, mailing, calling and listening to music... that noise clarity even in the most noisy environment. and most importantly the nature of conversation that we used to had before these Bose headphones and speakers." she was lost somewhere.

"Yeah, when we used to make excuse like... sorry voice is not clear or when actually we found ourselves stuck in traffic or in noisy places. There was no other option but to talk later and the confusion that usually took place.

I  quickly remembered one such incident. It took place few weeks before our marriage. One day we both had a heated argument about a nonsense topic and next day I had to leave for an official tour. That trip to Kolkata from Delhi became really memorable because of Bose QC headphones that she gifted to me. All the time in train, we keep on talking without being bothered by the noise of train, the co-passengers, the station crowd, that sound of train wheels... those tea and snack vendors, nothing, really nothing disturbed me when the Bose was on.  I was in second AC compartment and there were families also but no matter how much noise was there.. I could hear every single word, even the sound of Sunayana's breath .. when she sighed, when she giggled, when she sang this beautiful song " dil diyaan gallan" for me  and when a tear drop rolled out from her eyes... I heard everything and felt every bit of it.

"That Kolkata trip, you remember about?" I smiled and moved a string of hair from her forehead.

" And our marriage ceremony week ??" she laughed.

Yes, how on earth can I forget that incident. Only three days were left in our marriage and I was on leave. The house was full with guests and the before marriage rituals and customs were being performed;  in one room ladies were singing wedding related folk songs, on first floor of the house my cousins were practicing their dance numbers for the ceremony, in another room the elders of family were discussing  the preparation and giving them final touch. it was chaos everywhere.amidst all this,I got a call from my boss, telling that a client company need to discuss some technical issues regarding their ongoing project on which I was working. only Bose quiet comfort headphones saved me that day; I locked myself in the bathroom and put  my headphones on and had a one and half hour long conference call with the client and my boss and then again a long video chat with my staff.

Before, we could recall some more memories, our son and his friends dragged us into the party hall and the birthday bash started on full swing.

Later that night, I again started recalling the old days; somehow I was becoming so much nostalgic about my Bose QC. Those water fall music was an old favourite of mine but their actual beauty I realized only after listening to them on Bose headphones. Be it the melodies of 70s Bollywood music or some heavy rock music... It was Bose noise cancellation and audio pitch balance technology that took the music listening to a newer level. Every music node and beat was clearer than ever.. It was like listening the same music first time and that too with a new style. the biggest change was Voice command, now I did not need to scroll up and down the playlist, just speak the song title and VPA will find it out and play the desired track for me; without even glancing at mobile screen or doing the search thingy !!!!... that was really a thrilling experience.

And yes, a technocrat in me  found some other good usage also. Daily typing e mails or replying them  ( on daily basis) was  such a heavy task that used to suck a hell lot of energy . And now, all we need to click the screen button on our Bose speaker and a virtual screen appears, speak all the content we need to write in that mail and it will get typed automatically. The e mail has turned into voice mails and just say "send" and it will fly away. Really, the technology has brought a complete change in our working culture and in our day to day life also.

I looked at Sunayana who was already asleep with a bliss on her face. I smiled and put on my headphones again. the Surreal music of waterfall was taking me back to my youthful days with a heartfelt delight. 

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